Saturday, March 11, 2006

Making 16 hours of video into 1 DVD of DivX with FairUseWizard

Specific instructions for making 16 hours of video into 1 DVD of DivX

1. Choose encoding speed ESS in the bottom drop down in the first page
2. In the page after choosing the specific chain to encode,
(a) Adjust cropping if required using AutoSet on a frame which has no dark parts near the edges
(b) Check "include subpictures" and choose appropriate language for subtitles
(c) If required, crop the end credits by scrolling to the end of the part and clicking "Set credits start"

3. Use auto detect in the next page to choose the proper interlacing settings

4. In the final page,
(a) Check "Two pass" - better quality
(b) Move the Encoding speed slider 75% to the right for quality
(c) Choose size as 175 MB if you have 24 parts - 175 x 24 = 4200, enough space to spare for small extras etc
This is equivalent to approx 700 kBitsps which will be shown in brackets below.
(d) Choose the largest video resolution which is available after "Show only preferred resolutions" is checked.
(e) Defer processing (enqueue) if you want to run a batch job with many files.
(f) Defer even project processing if you want to run multiple projects as batch with iso files as sources for some of them.

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