Saturday, March 25, 2006

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How important is gratitude? You will know that when you read Swami's message today.

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Sai Inspires - 25th March 2006



Always be grateful, even for a small help.  Do not be ungrateful;  ingratitude is utter cruelty.  Any help received should be reciprocated to the extent possible.  Hurting someone who has helped you will result in your losing your eyesight.  It is only through the radiance of the sun that you see things, and the sun withdraws its radiance from those who commit the sin of ingratitude.  This is the suffering that an ungrateful person has to undergo.  Therefore, we should always be grateful and return help for help, to the utmost extent possible.

-  Divine Discourse, 6th May 2002.

First and foremost, you should show gratitude to your parents, love them and respect them. - Baba

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