Tuesday, February 27, 2007

H2H virtual folder

Changed the H2H virtual folder journals into a physical folder with a single line asp page redirecting to media.radiosai.org/journals

site outage

Our web-hosting provider had a looong outage - "corruption in Plesk and SQL server". Finally they reset and reloaded the server with backups circa Dec 2006! Last night uploaded newer files when ftp access was finally restored. This morning, set MX and other DNS records and set pls MIME type (without which IIS returns 404 for pls files!). Now we have to wait for the day-long DNS TTL for the changes to propagate. Email, other sites etc all affected...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fujitsu Stylistic LT Tablet PC

Trying out the old Fujitsu Stylistic LT Tablet PC lying around at PDS. Unfortunately, either HDD or HDD controller is bad, so it freezes at random and sometimes doesn't boot. Win98 without generic drivers for USB mass storage - at least, it didn't recognize a 32 MB USB mem key I put in. Couldn't get the IR wireless keyboard to work either - probably because the AAA cells were dead. Won't spend any more time on it since frequent random freezing is just too aggravating.

Monday, February 19, 2007

spikes in traffic on festival days

Taking a look at Google Analytics graphs for saicast, spikes are seen for the Ati Rudra Maha Yagnam's Poornahuti, Birthday and Shivarathri. So, maybe we should put content on the site so that on festival days people can see previous years' festivals on the home page?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wikipedia SOS CD - finally made for Sony Reader

As mentioned in my previous post, things are not so easy since the Sony Reader doesn't understand html, and also doesn't follow links to external files. Final solution chosen was HTML2LRF, with each alphabet as a separate file. Each article then gets listed in the Table of Contents of that file.

Nitty-gritty of making the files:
1. cd L:\wpcd\wp\b
2. dir /B > l:\direct.txt.html
3. Open direct.txt.html in Mozilla and copy / paste to wordpad - this removes the carriage-returns.
4. Find/Replace .htm with .htm l:\wpcd\wp\b\
5. Copy / Paste into command prompt which is already in the bin directory of HTML2RTF (otherwise doesn't work) with the suitable -o -t and so on.

Finally uploading to esnips public folder - http://esnips.com/web/Wikipedialrf

And as a single zip file with at badongo.com
Edit: The single zip file no longer available there, will post a new link if and when I get hold of the original file.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

First Generation Airport Base station (Graphite) with Windows

As noted in my earlier post the Airport Base station needs a Mac for configuration. Even after that, tho it is set up to do DHCP, it doesn't give IP addresses to a WinXp client. May be a bug with this particular Base Station. Anyway, manually giving an ip in the client works well enough. Range, when Airport is in PDS server room, covering both studios and reaching nearly, but not quite, to front of R1.

spam from our forms

Preventing spam from our forms - validating all fields which go into the headers, removing \n and \r as suggested in http://www.twologs.com/en/services/test/spamrelay.asp
and then testing with http://www.twologs.com/en/services/test/formtest.asp

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Airport 4.2 for Windows

Airport 4.2 for Windows doesn't seem to work with the old (graphite?) Airport Base Station. After resetting the base station, ping to works, but the admin utility doesn't recognize the base station. Using the "Other" button and giving the ip + pwd => An error occurred... Error Code -6753

Edit: Apple's site says Airport Admin Utility 3.2 for Windows "does not work with the original AirPort Base Station (Graphite)."

and also confirmed by a compatibility chart.

Will try with the Mac @studio.

where does all the time go?

08.40 Seeing if there are urgent emails
08.50 Finding 2 tonne AC gone bad, starting CDs import
09.30 SGHM0156 has already been entered.
09.35 realized I don't need to import to db, since my db is out of date
09.40 directly deleting the "sent" files checking CDs.
10.10 shutdown - power failure at 10.
10.12 power returned, restarting everything.
10.25 finished deleting. Checking leftover files in "sent" folder...
10.35 found most of them in SGHM0149 in db
10.36 clearing some space in audio directory - no - all Telugu already deleted.
10.38 checking if all streams are on schedule - yes
10.45 checking the complaint about out of schedule stream
10.51 found it to be outdated. Finishing subscription mails.
11.00 adding "maxlength" to all fields in Subscribe.htm and Feedback.htm
11.50 lunch
12.30 googling form injection email spam asp code - TB says he'll try for an hour.
13.00 2 Telugu prg normalize
13.15 uploading them to playout servers from krishna
13.25 updating Description and annlink on saiwaves after importing to db
13.50 AC - condenser change may solve fan problem
13.50 address book additions to google address book
14.10 Cover story of H2h new issue
14.30 To Mandir for recording after tea.
18.00 @ studio installing XP Volume Licence key edition on Acer Laptop
18.30 Microsoft's key change tool does not work with Volume Licenses.
18.45 Running an "upgrade" install over existing install to get the VLKey in place.
19.45 searching for wifi driver on driverguide.com etc, not found
19.50 Acer's ftp site not responding
20.00 Installed wifi driver from Acer CD, trying to connect with Airport base station
21.00 Installed Airport for Windows from Apple site.
22.50 Various ip address/pw combos not working to configure Airport, will try tomorrow.