Sunday, April 22, 2007

problem with google apps start page

TB had some trouble with "verify your domain" in google apps start page creation. The google apps help group had this info:

I was having the same problem that you are having and I just got a
response from the Google Apps Team saying that you need to have the
"Next generation" control panel activated for "Start page" and "Docs &
Spreadsheets" to work, if you have the "Current version" control panel
activated you still can see the option for "start page" but you can't
activate it.

Steps to change control panel:
1. Log into your account and go to "Manage this domain".
2. Go to "Domain settings" (it's under "Services").
3. Go to "Advanced settings" and click on "Edit"
4. Under "Control Panel" you have the option to change to the "next
generation" control panel, select it.
5. Click on "Save Changes

After you should be able to activate the Start page.
Did that and it worked.

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