Friday, July 06, 2007

making DVD slide shows

Found Windows and Linux tools for making DVD slide shows for K*R :
Windows: DVD slideshow GUI
Linux: Slideshow Creator

Edit: But they have their idiosyncracies... slcreator needs gambas, so I directly tried it's backend, dvd-slideshow. Dependencies like ImageMagick > 5.5.4, mjpegtools, dvdauthor were already on saispace2, so tried installing and running it from there. The bundled dir2slideshow script easily produces the required input text file. But Imagemagick (composite) gave errors - lines similar to these:
composite -compose src-over -gravity center -type TrueColor -depth 8
unknown option src-over.

Running dvd-slideshow on aceraspire - Running the program with the images located in a remote samba share gave an error, the smb share getting disconnected. Most probably some issue with samba on the aceraspire. Copied the pix locally and ran, all 605 pixs at once. Chugged along, each 2-second cross-fade taking nearly 15 seconds to render! But the whole process took only 2.5 hours for 1.5 hour long video file to be output as a vob.

Running DVD-slidehow-GUI on Windows on saispace2:
If captions are enabled, AVISynth subtitle engine gives an error when there are 18 or more images, saying can't find the temp file DVDsGUItemp.ssa even tho' it is in the path mentioned in the error dialog.
AVISynth Open Failure - TextSub: Can't open "q:\path\DVDsGUItemp.ssa"

I suspect it is because the program is addding too much white space at the beginning of the ssa file - with 1-2 pictues, the subtitling works, and as more pix are added, the ssa file gets more white-space at the beginning. And again, after removing the subtitles in preferences, the program works, but takes up so much memory that the system (512 MB RAM, 512 MB swap file) runs out of memory if all the 600+ images are added at once. So, doing them 100 at a time. It also takes roughly 4 times real-time - so a slide show of 5 minutes takes 20 minutes to prepare the MPEG2 file.

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