Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Short guide to the Mac for PC users

After "rescuing" the Tangerine iBook from M, I'm "trying to find it a good home". Since almost no one has used Macs here, I have this small guide to get them started.

Intro to an iBook for a Windows PC user:

1. In MacOS 9 and below, there is no Start Menu: you have to navigate to the app's location and double-click on it to start any application.

2. Menus remain at the top, closing the window doesn't shut down the app.

3. Just like Alt-F4 in Windows, use Apple-Q in MacOS to quit an app - or choose File -> Quit from the menu.

4. List of all open apps, something like the taskbar, is available on the rhs of the menu on clicking the button there.

5. The equivalent of Windows Explorer is called Finder.

6. Drag and drop the CD-ROM / removable disk icon to trash in order to eject a CD / removable disk.

7. The online Help system is quite good.

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