Tuesday, September 11, 2007

bug litany

saispace2 has lots of problems under Windows. And in spite of running squeaky-clean licensed sw! There's the inserting-DVD-crashing-system problem I've already mentioned, and also Windows Media Encoder randomly crashing during the second pass. Not so random, either. Opening another app or Firefox tab has triggered it on occasion, so nowadays I leave it for encoding turning off all other apps including IM clients. Probably something to do with HDD not being able to keep up, since it happens more often when audio and video are separate files. Fortunately the partial output file can be joined to another partial file, and some time can be saved. Similar problem seen with Virtualdub trying to import an mpg file from a Que Firewire HDD. Lots o' errors. Copy the file to internal SATA drive and then import, no probs at all. The Que drive also has other problems with writes, for eg. MusicMatch jukebox mp3 encoding sometimes fails when that drive is the target. Workarounds, workarounds.... Maybe I should look for motherboard driver update for the Intel 865 GBF.

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