Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Many different topics

Hopefully the search feature on blogger will help me find this post when I need it, because I'm going to post about many different items.

1. New schedule page in public beta - have added a link from the old schedule page on radiosai.org.

2. Asked for a firewall rule change on fs3 to allow only our machines to get shell access.

3. Weird error on a csv import, was due to a newline in a Description.

4. Google customized search being used for H2H, old links to krishna being removed using TexRep find/replace in files tool.

5. Subscription pages which send emails to us instead of directly accessing phplist - to avoid exposure. Also writing to file...

6. Removed asp page dl.asp for saicast downloads, using static addition of the content-disposition header "attachment" instead: In IIS manager, right-clicking on Saicast video downloads, as given in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/260519
"To apply the header statically, right-click the document in the Internet Service Manager, and then select *Properties*. Select the *HTTP Headers* tab and enter the content-disposition header there."
In our case, added it to the entire site.

7. Adobe had nice video workshops for their products.
But around 500 kbps is needed to see them properly.

8. Have subscribed to Secunia Weekly summary of vulnerabilities.

9. Lots of updates on the "voluntary" side of web work, keeping me busy outside "office hours".

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