Sunday, January 27, 2008

lots of action, very few posts!

Once again a long backlog of stuff I should have posted long back:

  1. Recording morning and evening bhajans, so lots of time goes in recording and editing. Editing too, since otherwise hard disk would run out, and also PB want more bhajans asap for BhajanStream!

  2. domain - purchased through rediff, a virtual server is made on fs1 for hosting this, and it's forwarded to

  3. PB completed php-based scheduler internal web-app, beta-testing on.

  4. BV completed audio search page, open to public. This is really useful for me, when people ask for specific requests!

  5. Contemplating a sort of corporate blog or official blog - SP wanted to host a video on need for documentation, I read Eric Sink's book based on his blog, "The Business of Software", etc. Using blogger it should be straightforward, I hope...

  6. Stupid mistake of trying to make a minor change in number of pixels in TFD page, but without updating my local copy! Outage for 15 hours or so while I tried to replicate PB's changes... Funny part is that commenting out
    if recordset.RecordCount > 0
    makes the page work!

  7. Following up on migration to saiuniti servers - I'm not so good at HR! Too blunt!

  8. Installed Filezilla server, firewall yet to be opened.

  9. KR(M) is following up on the generator radiator issue, the generator batteries and the cooling tower fan-blades - as instructed by KVR.

  10. Doing saicast encodes on a borrowed HDD from PB, since my machine is FULL!

  11. Did some routine log analysis on fs1, transferring old log files to local for archiving.

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