Saturday, March 01, 2008

BT site in SaiUniti

Finally BT site is in SaiUniti. Some hiccups faced due to A wanting CNAME instead of A record even for the domain record, not possible with most (or all?) DNS control panels.
on - this type of thing is not possible:

2 errors
# You can't mix CNAME/MX records together using the same hostname.
# Domain root's cannot be CNAME's, however you can web-forward this record to instead for the same effect.

I could have reverted to frame forwarding at nettigritty.

all saved bookmarks etc with bookmarks will return error 404.

Only if someone directly tries will it go through to the correct site. There, clicking on links will show on the address bar as the same which had earlier returned error 404!
So A allowed A records for the time being, plans to make an ISAPI filter!

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