Monday, August 25, 2008

This week when Automatic Update prompted me to install IE7, I finally gave in and said yes. During the install, it had an option to install Malicious Software Removal Tool, which I had been de-selecting all these months. Again, gave in to MS's persistence, and agreed to the install. After that, MusicMatch Jukebox (v6) refuses to work. Serves me right for doing something stupid. Installed WinLame instead to do encoding with gui. Added to it's preset xml file for my usual:
<preset name="96 k mono">
96 kbps cbr mono.
Command line used: "-b 96 -m m" (maybe)
<value name="lameNumberChannels">1</value>
<value name="lameBitrate">96</value>
<value name="lameCBR">1</value>
<value name="hideLameSettings">1</value>

Edit (Jan 12 2009): Move this to the top of the presets list in the xml file to make it the default...

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