Wednesday, December 09, 2009

restoring clipped audio

Searching for 'noise reduction tutorial' in Cool Edit Pro's help system, found a Howto for restoring clipped audio:

To restore clipped audio while retaining the amplitude

If you have clipped audio (sound that’s overly amplified to the point of distortion), Cool Edit Pro’s Clip Restoration effect can help clean it up. Here’s how to use it without changing the volume of the waveform.

1. In Edit View, use Edit > Convert Sample Type to convert the file to 32-bit audio.

2. Run Effects > Noise Reduction > Clip Restoration with “Input Attenuation” set to 0dB.

3. Run Effects > Amplitude >Hard Limiting with “Boost Input” set to 0dB, and “Limit Max Amplitude” set to -0.2dB to bring the restored clipped audio back into normal range.

4. Use Edit > Convert Sample Type to convert the waveform back to the original sampling frequency if desired.

Monday, December 07, 2009

joining multiple VOBs into a single DVD

As given in a previous post, this is fairly straight-forward when the resulting DVD can fit in a regular DVD5 disc. But when it's bigger, must use DVD Shrink. And DVD Shrink does not play nice with the ifo files created with ifoEdit. Had to
1. Create ifo files separately with ifoEdit for each PGC ripped into it's own folder making sure DVDDecrypter had the File Splitting set to 1 GB in settings. Still didn't work with Shrink.
2. Had to rip one of the parts with DVD Shrink itself, shrinking it in the process
3. In Re-author mode of DVDShrink, drag and drop required ifo files
4. Set Start/End Frames for each title, hit Backup.