Thursday, March 24, 2011

problems during first fulldome show

So we had our first fulldome show - two shows actually. The problems we faced were:

  1. projector doesn't switch off with remote - have to lean around to switch off using the button on the unit. Another workaround is to change the input to another non-active input and then power off.

  2. avs files give error on first try, intermittently - this seems to be because the machine and or hard disk cannot keep up. Solution is probably to render the AVISynth files as avi files.

  3. alignment may be improved - probably increasing the height of the mirror might help to reduce the height of the horizon at the front of the dome, by increasing the angle of tilt of projection.

Another innovation would be to remove the need for the 110V system altogether - currently used only for lighting - by using the video projector itself for lighting. Still frames like the one below, made into movies with AVISynth.

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