Monday, April 18, 2011

problems with disc full on web server (and other websites on fs1 ) web services stopped - on logging in with remote desktop, found D: was full. Emptying recycle bin got 1 GB freed. Wanted to free up more (by moving and archiving old log files) after a restart.

After initiating a restart, the machine did not cleanly restart even after 20 minutes. Checking, found it was pinging. Logged in to fs1 using Computer Management console from fs3 using Action -> Connect to another computer, found that some services were running, like file sharing, but some were not, like remote desktop, IIS and so on. Checked the Eventlog - there was an extra shutdown initiation, after I had initiated the shutdown:

4:34 - I initiated shutdown.
4:39 - The process svchost.exe has initiated a shutdown etc. No title for this reason could be found. Reason code 0x80070020

this was the last entry. So, I moved out some more log files from D: to make 4 GB free, then did
shutdown /r /m \\sea-fs1 /d 1:1
(as given at this technet article)

This time it worked, after restart things seem to be working.

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