Friday, April 29, 2011

setting up headless mac mini server

PB got a Mac Mini server for installing Apple Remote Desktop and remotely administering studio machines. But he did not get a monitor with it, and it had only HDMI and Apple mini display ports, along with HDMI to DVI-D. So, the plan was to use remote login to the server also.

Did initial installation using a borrowed Apple Cinema Display from the video studio, which had an Apple mini display port cable. Apparently Apple's "Allow Remote Management" opens up a vnc server. So, standard VNC clients can be used to connect. On Developer, installed tightvnc since it has the nice option of scaling Desktop to fit window.

Can log in with ssh or vnc. For vnc, two passwords - a vnc password, and then the user password on the server. The former similar to saiwaves, the latter similar to the router.

For using the Remote Desktop tool, I believe each client needs to have the Remote Management Enabled, under System Preferences -> Sharing.

Later, registered some of the studio machines' Applecare Protection Plans: googling "Register Applecare Protection Plan" gets this registration page, where once you have an Apple Id, you only need the Applecare serial number, which is inside the product box, and the serial number of the hardware. For the Macs, this is under Apple menu -> About this Mac -> More info -> Serial number (Hardware).

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