Wednesday, April 06, 2011

speed tests

The new network is supposed to be 10 Mbps 1:1. The main requirement for this sort of speed would be uploads. Checking out Vimeo upload speed, got 0.27 MB/sec which is around 3 Mbps. 108 MB in around 8 minutes. Probably speed limited by vimeo server, I suppose.

In case vimeo upload is slower in the Studio, that will probably be due to filtering being done by cyberoam. We can disable cyberoam filtering for a particular user or machine to make it faster for vimeo uploads, or connect a machine directly to the public-ip subnet on the DLink.

After doing the speed tests, there was a false alarm when I found ftp transfer to my machine was going at only 25 Mbps when connected through a 100 Mbps link after the router. Later concluded that this was because of wifi being used at the last hop. Removed the wifi and connected by wired LAN and the transfer became 75 Mbps, no problems.

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