Friday, July 29, 2011

download users as csv in Google Apps

CV had a problem downloading list of Google Apps users as CSV - the option was grayed out in the control panel.

This post seemed to have the solution:

So, sign in, and then use the following url for the csv file:

where you must change the date 20110727 for the relevant date. We also have to remember that google servers use US time, so today is still 28 July for them and not 29 July.


  1. anyway of automating this?

  2. As the forum post indicates, this problem is seen if the number of users is more than 30. If you are the administrator of a domain with more than 30 users, editing a URL should be no problem for you :)

  3. Great! It worked fine for all users, but I'm interested in a particular OU. Any way to do that or get the OU info in the downloaded file so I can sort?