Tuesday, August 16, 2011

procedure for telugu broadcasts

1. Go to ~/new_telugu and copy mp3 files from relevant folder to ~/ftpsent

2. Copy relevant m3u file to ~/playlist directory.

3. cd to playlist directory and run the sed script modifying the commmandline to relevant date, which converts the extended m3u to simple m3u and appends the audio directory path.

4. run ~/scr*/lame_encoder2422.sh

5. Open playlist from step 2 in kwrite and change / to \, save as m3u

6. Open the m3u playlist in Winamp after lame finishes, to check that all files are present - total duration should be 24 hours and a bit, and it should not show a + symbol after the total duration.

If playlist generation is desired, additional steps:

7. Run scr*/main_ftp.sh which takes files from ~/ftp folder

8. upload files from ~/ftp folder to dl.radiosai.org

9. Run scr*/playlist_import.sh

10. Update missing descriptions from localhost/SGHDescription as with sgh database, if necessary copy-pasting from sgh database

11. Make csv and upload from localhost/mkcsv

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