Tuesday, September 06, 2011

DD-WRT and Dlink DIR615 revE4

As mentioned in an earlier post, tried out DD-WRT on the Dlink DIR615. What we got was hardware version E4.

Quite simple procedure as given at the dd-wrt wiki. Ours was E4 and not E3. Read somewhere on the forums that changing the last number from 0 to 1 in the E3 firmware with a hex editor makes it work with E4. Tried that, it works. Did the Hex editing of the firmware using Free Hex editor Neo on Windows.  The firmware labelled as E4 in the dd-wrt site has 5 as the last digit - that apparently makes it not compatible with our E4 version.

But plugging it in our network, it didn't work. At first I thought it might be a MAC address caching issue, and tried cloning the old router's MAC address. That also did not work. Then did some tests and found that it was just not routing - logging into the router, ping works in both directions LAN and WAN. But the LAN can't ping the WAN and vice-versa.

Tried posting on the dd-wrt forums, here and here, but finally did not get any solution. Assuming that some hardware limitation prevents it from working as a router without NAT. And the google answers page recommended routers seem to be scarce. The Linksys WRT54G is superseded by the WRT54GH which doesn't support routing mode, for example.


  1. Did you get this working? I had same problem last night. My DIR615 after flashing with DD-WRT won't give me internet access. It could connect wirelessly to clients but no internet access.
    I have a DSL router given by my ISP. I connect my DIR615 to it directly. Unfortunately, the router IP was The DIR615 with DD-WRT takes the same IP and thus clashes with the DSL router.

  2. @Anonymous, your problem can be solved quite simply by just changing the ip address of your DIR-615.

  3. which version of dd wrt is best for dlink dir 615 e4 f/w 5.10

    1. As you can see from my post, the routing functionality which I wanted did not work with DD-WRT on the DIR615. So I did not experiment with it much.