Wednesday, November 16, 2011

setting up live video streaming - iPad and iPhone

This will be a series of posts about setting up video streaming on our new dedicated server from Voxel.

After setting up Wowza server as per my earlier post, tried to get the live stream to work on iOS devices - iPad, iPhone, iPod touch etc.

To make the stream work with iphone, the encoder settings have to be tweaked. Format has to be H.264 and AAC audio. Otherwise the device gives the message, "This video cannot be played."

AAC settings should be low complexity - I found 22050 Hz, mono, 32 Kbps to work OK.
H.264 settings have to be Baseline 3.0
(set by clicking on the spanner icon next to Format: H.264 in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder)

When this is done, the following url works for iOS devices, when entered into Safari on iPhone, for eg.:
(entering this URL on a normal computer does not work).

In order to make this work with the jwplayer, which we can embed in a page which will work for desktop browsers as well as iOS devices, the player had to be updated to the latest version - 5.8. Then the sample code for embedding worked fine.

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