Saturday, November 19, 2011

setting up live video streaming - recording on the server

This will be a series of posts about setting up video streaming on our new dedicated server from Voxel.

There are different ways of recording.
1. using live-record as stream type in Wowza. This does not give us control over when recording starts - recording starts as soon as the source gets connected.
2. using the LiveStreamRecord addon module, we can choose when to start recording and when to stop.

So, we used the latter, set up a password protected page on our website for the record enable form which is included with the module. We set it up not to overwrite (so it would create a new file like myStream.sdp_2.flv etc increasing the number to _3, _4 etc.) Also set it to start on keyframe and record data. (Metadata, I suppose.)

First we tried setting up http pseudo-streaming with mp4 on Apache. After setting up the module for streaming video the seeking was not working properly for parts of the video which had not yet been downloaded - jwplayer was playing the beginning of the video after the seek.

Then the audio and video were coming out of sync on the recorded mp4 file. It looks like many people have faced this issue.

So we tried recording as flv files instead. With that, the audio-video sync problems were solved. But since the module for flv seek over http uses Lighttpd - setting it up was a bit of a pain - we fell back to providing the video over rtmp using Wowza's vod application. That, of course, worked perfectly.

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