Saturday, December 10, 2011

capturing DV on old PowerMac G5

Resurrected a retired PowerMac G5 (1.9 Ghz, 3 GB RAM) for playback of Planetarium video. It was not fast enough to play full HD movies at 30 fps - coming to only 15 fps for a 12 Mbps HD video. So, relegated it to DV capturing duties for archive work - Hi8 to DV using a Sony TRV330E Digital8 camera.

iMovie for MacOS X 10.4 Tiger - iMovie HD (obtained with a torrent) seemed to be the last working version - iMovie 8 did not run on this machine.

iMovie was capturing the video as .dv files, and the files were being hidden inside the project "file" which was actually a "Package" - so in Finder you right-click and "Show Package Contents" to see the Media folder inside. To convert .dv to .mov without re-encoding, used MPEG Streamclip.

Edit: Finally this solution was abandoned - the .mov produced in this manner still needed rendering on FCP at the Studio. Then tried capturing in an old version of FCP, that worked without rendering.

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