Tuesday, February 28, 2012

unlimited bandwidth hosting options

Interesting thread on slashdot,

1. http://www.fdcservers.net/ [fdcservers.net]
FDCservers has had great support. They are absolutely the cheapest per-megabit in North America, with rates of <$150 for 100Mbps unlimited bw, which you can easily push with even a mediocre server. Their plans also don't require you to build or buy your own servers, which is great.

2. http://www.leaseweb.com/ [leaseweb.com]
In Europe, you can look into Leaseweb. Based in Amsterdam, they have great rates (<$150 too for 100Mbps unlimited bw) for their dedicated servers, slightly worse support than FDCservers, but still pretty good service. They're based in Amsterdam, and have pretty decent North American data transfer rates despite their location.


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