Tuesday, March 27, 2012

save a particular web page at predefined intervals in a specific folder

NA had this query - how to automate saving  a particular  web page ( Specified  url in the settings )  at  predefined intervals  in a specific folder.

My reply:

I assume you want to do this on a Windows machine. On a Linux machine this is quite easy.

For Windows:

write a vscript file to save the webpage as given in

Schedule it to run periodically using Windows task scheduler as given at

Follow-up about making the filename unique for each grab:
filename changing can be managed by massaging the vbs file, appending the date-time to the filename or something like that. Since I'm not a vbs guru, I'm not spending time on it to modify the file for you. :)

Also, making Windows Scheduled tasks repeat tasks every few minutes:

NA reported that he has successfully implemented this.

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