Sunday, June 03, 2012

abandoned attempts to play shows on Toshiba AC100

With mvideoplayer app on the Toshiba AC100, was able to play files sequentially from a folder - that seemed to be its playlist functionality as mentioned briefly earlier. With that, tried to play today's Planetarium show using the Toshiba AC100. Made multiple copies of the intro avi files in each relevant folder using hard links, with the SD card formatted as ext3 on Linux to save space on the SD card.
ln /full/path/to/sourcefile /full/path/to/destinationfile
And so on.

Unfortunately, when the video stutters a bit - and the Toshiba has that problem, with a few frame drops here and there - the HDMI input on the projector blacks out for 5 seconds or so. This happened 2-3 times during the show. Clearly this is unacceptable, so gave up playing Planetarium shows on the Toshiba AC100 for now.

The HDMI input does make a difference, with the video being much crisper than with the VGA output from the laptop. Maybe a standalone HD player might work out.

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