Wednesday, June 27, 2012

fades to trims

After watching a fulldome show of Space Opera where the sequences were cropped using Trim in avisynth, found the abrupt cut transitions were too jarring in most cases. So, added 5 frame fades, like below:

FadeIO0(Trim(mix,73200,73220),5) ++ \
FadeIO0(Trim(mix,73457,73477),5) ++ \
FadeIO0(Trim(mix,4621,57424),5) ++ \
FadeIO0(Trim(mix,58301,59714),5) ++ \
FadeIO0(Trim(mix,60757,68115) ,5)
# FadeIO0 does the fade without adding any black frame at the begin or end.

While doing the export from avs to avi in Virtualdub, a virtualdub audio filter is required for this show, to reduce gain by 50%, as below.

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