Saturday, June 02, 2012

importing files without playing them - revisited

After I had used this technique, we have made some changes, ie. adding DiscourseStream to the mkcsv scripts, with AsiaStar being dropped. So, had to do an additional step of creating some dummy records for DiscourseStream - finding the fileid 695 for bcid 1314 (Signature tune for AsiaStar), changing it to bcid 9 (DiscourseStream) and changing the time from 6.30 am IST to 7.00 am IST (changeover time for DiscourseStream). Then changing bcid for a couple more dummy records which have timestamp after 7 am. This way, imported a lot of files like Polish Veda Pushpanjali, Satyopanishad in Mandarin, etc to our audio archive / audio search.

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