Friday, October 19, 2012

making our own internet radio

Thought this Raspberry Pi hack of a home-built wifi radio would be a good starting point for us to make our own low-cost internet radio for people to listen to radiosai. But then, the cost would be around Rs. 3,000, and for that price Mutant radios are available in the US during discounts. Also, the Raspberry Pi based device is a bit difficult to configure to use the home wifi access point for non-techies. Also, SK said that he has had discussions with a Hyderabad-based mobile-phone assembling company for making our own internet radio with SIM-based connectivity instead of wifi, which would be more usable etc.

Later, I made the following two documents for different options for connectivity:

Options for people in India -

Options for people overseas -

Technical details for connecting -

(Even though internet radios are available in India, the prices are nearly double the prices in US. Hence, other devices are mentioned as options for people in India. The Logitech squeezebox, for eg. is $100 in the US, but Rs. 12,000 in India.)

Edit - another inexpensive web radio option explored here.

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