Monday, November 12, 2012

using a usb mem key drive to improve speed

Using flash memory for virtual memory does speed things up a bit on old computers - A asked me about it, I passed on this to him -

On Windows XP, it is this way:

Right-click on My Computer

Choose Properties

Choose the Advanced Tab

Click the Settings button under Performance (Visual effects, memory usage, etc)

Choose the Advanced tab

Click the Change button under Virtual Memory

Choose your USB mem key drive letter, choose custom size and enter the amount based on how much free space is available on your USB mem key. More than 4 GB would be good.

Choose the other hard disks drive letters and choose "No Paging File" for those disks.

Choose OK and restart the computer.

Of course, once you have set the paging file like this, you should not unplug your usb drive when the machine is on :)

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