Sunday, January 20, 2013

installing ubuntu on an old machine which can't boot from CD or USB

Here is a guest post by V:

Installing Ubuntu on an old machine

The Dell Inspiron laptop had 384MB RAM and a 30GB HDD. It was running Windows XP and was predictably very sluggish. So I thought installing ubuntu would give it a new lease of life.
  • CD drive does not work
  • BIOS does not have option to boot from USB drive 
  • Removed the HDD from the laptop  
  • Connected the HDD as a external drive using IDE-USB connector  
  • Created two partitions on the HDD using 'Disk utility': 1GB (FAT32) and 29GB (Free space)  
  • Setup the 1GB partition for Ubuntu 8.04 install using 'Startup Disk Creator' (Lubuntu 12.04 / Lubuntu 12.10 are too heavy for the system) 
  • Plugged in the HDD back into the laptop 
  • Selected 'Try Ubuntu without installing' option 
  • In Live Mode, selected 'Install Ubuntu' (on the top right corner of the screen) 
  • Answered the questions on Language, Location and Keyboard Layout 
  • Selected 'Manual' option for partitioning the drives (as against options for 'Guided' partitioning) 
  • Followed instructions given in
And that's it!

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