Tuesday, May 14, 2013

offline rendering of fulldome fisheye frames using partiview

Ryan Wyatt has documented how he rendered fulldome content using partiview and Paul Bourke's tga2dome - http://numerology.ryanwyatt.net/

Seems a bit process intensive. First rendering 6 TGA cubes per angular fisheye frame, then creating the fisheye, and then in our case, warping the fisheye. Probably easier for me to use pre-rendered content as of now. Would be interesting to do a study of whether this process takes more or less time than the Blender render method which was around 1-2 minutes per frame.

There are other partiview resources listed at http://virdir.ncsa.illinois.edu/partiview/

Celestia seems to be able to render multi-view images as given in this old forum post but is limited by the resolution of the output screen.

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