Friday, November 01, 2013

more details of Reaper-BUTT broadcast setup

My post on the setup for live broadcasts using Jack OS X was a bit skimpy on the Reaper setup details. These screenshots below tell the story of the setup on the Reaper side.

I've got sends going to a full-mix recording track as well as the broadcast track, so that I can use them without interruption even when I 'solo' any of the tracks to listen to that mic - the 'solo' happens by muting all other tracks in the mix which goes to the headphone (outputs 1-2). The mix which is recorded goes to outputs 3-4. I also have another Jack setup where output 4 gets a compressed signal from the broadcast channel below - which could be sent to the video team, for example.

On this broadcast track, I have a high pass filter to cut out rumble, knee at 100 Hz, an aggressive compressor, and the insert from Jack. The insert's return is used as input for BUTT using Jack routing.

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