Saturday, December 28, 2013

compiling vlc (or vlc-warp) for Windows

Could not find any relevant solution to the cross-compiling issue - the dlls etc have not been made properly, so even mounting the Linux partition on Windows and trying to run vlc fails. Edit - the cross compiling post has now been updated with the solution - installing wine-dev package.

Tried the Msys method of compiling VLC on Windows. That fails when trying to build automake etc, saying
configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs

Next was to try the "advanced instructions" at
That has a note halfway down, saying
Note: I found that compiling 2.1.0 requires xgettext, msgmerge, msgfmt and so on. These in turn require libiconv. I'm not sure if that suffices as at this point I gave up. 
So I also gave up, for now.

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