Wednesday, December 04, 2013

email for a new domain - options

Copy-pasting an email I sent about adding email for a new domain:

I see that the mail exchanger (MX) records are not set for this domain. So, currently, no emails for this domain are configured.

There are many options for email.

1. use the built-in free nettigritty email, or do a mail forwarding to some other account. This may be easiest to configure, but I have not tested nettigritty's mail servers reliability.

2. Use paid mail hosting, like google apps for business which starts from Rs. 150 per user per month. There are, of course, many other options here.

3. Unfortunately google's free plans no longer allow new sign-ups, so the option we chose for our earlier domains is not available. But Windows Live for domains is available for free. We could use that, and if necessary, forward to a gmail / id also.

4. There is probably one more option - domain alias. Google apps allows you to have aliases, so that email to can be directed to etc. 

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