Wednesday, December 11, 2013

previewing video in Reaper, workaround for AAC

My version of Reaper, 3.52, had problems displaying videos using the FFMPEG option. Tried downloading various versions of the ffmpeg dlls and put them in the Program Files\REAPER folder with no results:

Finally deselected the FFMPEG option, choosing to preview video only with DirectShow - that works fine for me now. Options -> Preferences -> Media -> Video/REX/Misc, Disable FFmpeg decoding.

Most mp4 files have AAC audio. Unfortunately, Reaper (at least my version) seems to have issues with AAC, audio stutters and finally reduces to a single repeated hum after a few seconds. Workaround was to extract audio using Avidemux, save it separately using Audio -> Save Audio - and use that audio in Reaper.

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