Friday, January 10, 2014

procmailrc file issue

For getting the bounces generated by krishna's mailer daemon, which would be sent to, the postfix install needs to be configured to deliver mail to domain also, and procmailrc has to be configured.
Had done the procmailrc, now have adjusted
mydestination =, krishna, localhost.localdomain, localhost
mydestination =, krishna, localhost.localdomain, localhost,
But actually that was not the problem - the problem was that .procmailrc was named procmailrc (no dot at beginning). renamed it with the dot, started working.

fixing / changing HELO of mail server

Bounce processing was not proceeding. It complained that php imap module was not installed. Did

apt-get install php5-imap
and service restart apache2
Then error was, cannot open /var/mail/apachemails
had to do chmod 660 for /var/mail/apachemails

Some mails are being bounced, like rediffmail,
Jan 10 02:19:32 krishna postfix/smtp[28562]: 112D02A0C11: to=,[]:25, delay=0.27, delays=0.1/0/0.1/0.07, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host[] said: 553 sorry, invalid HELO hostname (#5.7.1) (in reply to RCPT TO command))
Checking the sai inspires email, looks like the HELO is being sent as krishna instead of FQDN, gmail show original shows
Received: from ( [])
for older mails, while for newer mails it says

Received: from krishna ( [])

Fixed by changing in /etc/postfix/
 myhostname=krishna   to

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

compiling with Visual Studio 2008 Express

Some of the stuff I went through - once again, just a link dump:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'afxwin.h'

Apparently this is because MFC is not included with VS Express.
had to google for ddk, found a link at

Similarly, after building in debug mode, there was the error on running the application that MFC42D.DLL was not found. Since I did have  MFC42.DLL, I just rebuilt it in Release configuration, and the application worked fine. Other resources for these are this MS forum thread and this useful tool.

Initializing window size on starting of application using a call to MoveWindow. Unfortunately, it does not allow the window size to be greater than the size of the screen. So, I can't make AVI using AVI generator demo which are 1920 x 1080, since the window decoration makes the client rect smaller than 1920 x 1080 even if my screen resolution is that big. 

Tried with adding scrollbars, but only the part of the window which is visible is rendered in the avi. Rest is black. 
hardcoded to
createwindow() |=   WS_HSCROLL | WS_VSCROLL;

hard coded
and in setbitmapheader in avigenerator

// changing size of image so dimension are multiple of 4
    // hack - hard coding to 1920 x 1080;;

Have stopped working on this for now. Maybe Fluag will work if the developer responds.

Monday, January 06, 2014

compiling Fluag

Tried compiling Fluag directly using the vcproj project file available with the source. Visual Studio 2008 complains that Lua_5.1.5_static.lib is compiled with a different version of the compiler. Tried compiling lua to re-create the lib file - downloaded lua 5.1.5 source, the visual studio solution files from lua-users wiki, but found that the 5.1.5 source contained an etc folder with build instructions using a bat file from Visual Studio terminal, (not simply cmd.exe, we have to go to the Terminal from within Visual Studio, otherwise cl.exe not found errors will come up), used that bat file, it built a lua51.lib, renamed it and moved it to the fluag src/libs folder, ran the build once again, success.

But even with this compiled version, no opengl output for me. 

more caveats with using vlc-warp compiled from source

Following up from my earlier post on compiling vlc-warp on Linux, there were some issues faced by T and posted to the small_planetarium yahoo group. Apparently the warp was not happening, the error message on the terminal was that the mesh file was malformed. Finally, the issue turned out to be locale dependent. Either using a US English locale throughout, or changing . to , in the mesh file, solved the issue. Apparently in the Polish locale, the separator for decimal point is comma , and not dot .

So, while compiling and using vlc-warp, if your locale uses some other decimal mark other than ., you will need to modify the mesh files from Paul suitably!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Fluag for opengl with avisynth

Fluag - downloaded and tried out. The test scripts which do not use opengl work fine. The info opengl script which prints out gl info works fine. But any test script which uses opengl to render video was returning a blank clip. Have requested help from the developer. 

Saturday, January 04, 2014

lots of opengl trials

Just copying over all the links I used as such, not bothering to format it:

says add windows.h before every include of gl related h file - that worked for fbo test from

For making a test with Youka's window.h - wait for keypress on Windows,

OpenGL in Avisynth

This blog post
describes using opengl for an avisynth plugin. Getting the source files from google code,  tried building the dll. Faced several setup issues, but finally got it to compile. But trying it out with Avisynth, found that the plugin was not delivering video out back to Avisynth. It was opening a new Opengl window, but nothing was being drawn to it, and nothing was coming back to Avisynth either. Then I thought of trying out the more advanced Fluag plugin developed by Youka.

installing and trying out SIVP for Scilab on Windows

Exploring more methods of reaching my goal of a graphics-card accelerated way of pre-warping, came across SIVP for Scilab, which seemed to do just what I wanted. That is, it is capable of opening and saving avi files, and can do image manipulations on individual frames with OpenCV acceleration. Tried installing Scilab for Windows, OpenCV for Windows and then the SIVP package listed in the download section on the SIVP page. Opening Scilab and choosing the menu item Toolboxes -> SIVP as given in the documentation pdf, the following errors:

Startup execution:
  loading initial environment
 SIVP - Scilab Image and Video Processing Toolbox 0.5.0
Warning: Feature str2code is obsolete.
Warning: Please use ascii instead.
Warning: This feature will be permanently removed in Scilab 6.0.0

if MSDOS then
     !--error 4
Undefined variable: MSDOS
at line      64 of exec file called by :   
in  execstr instruction    called by : 
execstr(toolboxes(1));if exists("%oldgcbo"
while executing a callback

Also, testing it by calling imread etc gave errors of unrecognized function.

Then tried uninstalling SIVP and installing using ATOMS instead,

This worked fine. But trying to read images made Scilab give out of memory errors, asking that I use stacksize to increase the stack size. Once again, errors while using
stacksize: Cannot allocate memory.

But giving a specific value, like
worked. Giving larger values, like
again failed.

Friday, January 03, 2014

compiling avisynth plugins with opengl

Used Visual Studio 2008 and the instructions at the avisynth wiki. I used the avisynth.h version bundled with the avisynth 2.58 download, by choosing to install Platform SDK also while (re-) installing. For compiling dlls with opengl and glut, followed this very good answer on stackoverflow. Downloading the GLUT libraries and header file, copying to the correct folders, then the settings needed in Visual Studio -

Link to the OpenGL libraries (important step):
  • Under the Project menu select Project Properties (Alt+F7) at the bottom.
  • Select Configuration Properties → Linker → Input from the navigation panel on the left.
  • Select All Configurations from the Configuration drop-down box at the top of the dialog. This ensures you are changing the settings for both the Debug and Release configurations.
  • Type “opengl32.lib glu32.lib glut32.lib” in Additional Dependencies and click OK (the opengl32.lib and glu32.lib are already in the system, and glut32.lib will be after downloading GLUT).

It is also necessary to set the paths in Visual Studio:
  • In Tools -> Options -> VC++ Directories -> Include Files:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Include
  • In Configuration Properties → Linker → Additional Library Directories:
    C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A\Lib

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Microsoft account creation email verification problem and solution

In order to compile avisynth plugins, the method with the most step-by-step instructions seems to be Visual Studio, and VS Express is a free download. But for using it for more than 30 days, it needs to be registered, and for that, one needs to create a Microsoft account. In the email verification process for that, unfortunately they don't provide a "copy this code and paste it" form as an alternative to clicking the link which comes in the email. And unfortunately the confirmation link did not work for me - tried it on Firefox, Chrome and IE8. Checking the source of the confirmation email, thought that the length of the URL might be too large, and that that might be the issue. Sure enough, I copy-pasted the URL without the trailing huge

&ru=3Dhttps etc... 
part, thinking that ru must be return url,and sure enough, it worked! So, the URL which worked had the following format,