Monday, January 06, 2014

compiling Fluag

Tried compiling Fluag directly using the vcproj project file available with the source. Visual Studio 2008 complains that Lua_5.1.5_static.lib is compiled with a different version of the compiler. Tried compiling lua to re-create the lib file - downloaded lua 5.1.5 source, the visual studio solution files from lua-users wiki, but found that the 5.1.5 source contained an etc folder with build instructions using a bat file from Visual Studio terminal, (not simply cmd.exe, we have to go to the Terminal from within Visual Studio, otherwise cl.exe not found errors will come up), used that bat file, it built a lua51.lib, renamed it and moved it to the fluag src/libs folder, ran the build once again, success.

But even with this compiled version, no opengl output for me. 

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