Saturday, January 04, 2014

installing and trying out SIVP for Scilab on Windows

Exploring more methods of reaching my goal of a graphics-card accelerated way of pre-warping, came across SIVP for Scilab, which seemed to do just what I wanted. That is, it is capable of opening and saving avi files, and can do image manipulations on individual frames with OpenCV acceleration. Tried installing Scilab for Windows, OpenCV for Windows and then the SIVP package listed in the download section on the SIVP page. Opening Scilab and choosing the menu item Toolboxes -> SIVP as given in the documentation pdf, the following errors:

Startup execution:
  loading initial environment
 SIVP - Scilab Image and Video Processing Toolbox 0.5.0
Warning: Feature str2code is obsolete.
Warning: Please use ascii instead.
Warning: This feature will be permanently removed in Scilab 6.0.0

if MSDOS then
     !--error 4
Undefined variable: MSDOS
at line      64 of exec file called by :   
in  execstr instruction    called by : 
execstr(toolboxes(1));if exists("%oldgcbo"
while executing a callback

Also, testing it by calling imread etc gave errors of unrecognized function.

Then tried uninstalling SIVP and installing using ATOMS instead,

This worked fine. But trying to read images made Scilab give out of memory errors, asking that I use stacksize to increase the stack size. Once again, errors while using
stacksize: Cannot allocate memory.

But giving a specific value, like
worked. Giving larger values, like
again failed.

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