Thursday, January 02, 2014

Microsoft account creation email verification problem and solution

In order to compile avisynth plugins, the method with the most step-by-step instructions seems to be Visual Studio, and VS Express is a free download. But for using it for more than 30 days, it needs to be registered, and for that, one needs to create a Microsoft account. In the email verification process for that, unfortunately they don't provide a "copy this code and paste it" form as an alternative to clicking the link which comes in the email. And unfortunately the confirmation link did not work for me - tried it on Firefox, Chrome and IE8. Checking the source of the confirmation email, thought that the length of the URL might be too large, and that that might be the issue. Sure enough, I copy-pasted the URL without the trailing huge

&ru=3Dhttps etc... 
part, thinking that ru must be return url,and sure enough, it worked! So, the URL which worked had the following format,

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