Friday, May 09, 2014

mini-review of super-resolution filter

Tried out the Virtualdub filter for Super-Resolution from Infognition. The results did not seem to be very encouraging. Probably because the videos I tried had lots of motion in them, had compression artifacts and also lots of detail. 5x resize with Lanczos3 followed by Sharpen filter set to maximum sharpness seemed to have similar results to the Super-Resolution filter. And final result was quite inferior to the actual higher resolution image. All the sample images below were warped using GL_warp2Avi and are from the Citizen Sky - Epsilon Aurigae planetarium show.

Warped from a 2K domemaster:

Warped from a 640x640 video using Super-Resolution filter to resize 3x to 1920x1920:

Warped from the 640x640 video using Lanczos3 resize 3x followed by sharpen filter set to 25%:

Unfortunately the frames are not exactly the same. Also, blogger might be re-encoding the images. So the differences are not clearly seen. If you click on the images and see the original size, the comparison is a bit easier. 

The results using directly warping from the 640x640 video are clearly inferior to the results got from warping the lanczos3+sharpened frames. 

Warped directly from 640x640 video:

Warped after resizing 5x with Lanczos3 and then Sharpen 100%:

And finally, warped after 5x resized using the Super-Resolution filter.

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