Wednesday, May 28, 2014

replacing an acrilconvex mirror with a vialux mirror

From 2011, our fulldome projection has used an Acril Convex first surface spherical mirror. Last year, I'd purchased a used Vialux mirror. Today, we tried out the Vialux mirror, and decided to leave it installed for one show as a trial.

The Vialux mirror mini-review from Paul Bourke is here. As he notes, the extraneous reflections are more for the vialux mirror. The overall effect in the theatre is to reduce contrast and increase the brightness of the black levels. So we'll use the vialux only as a backup. Also did some back-of-the-envelope calculations of their radii of curvature.

After putting back the Acrilconvex mirror, I wonder if the perception of higher black levels was just an illusion. Maybe I'll try a light meter test next time, with a suitable frame on both mirrors. 

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