Thursday, May 15, 2014

Winebottler and Winamp on Mac

The Telugu team wanted to continue making playlists by dragging and dropping to Winamp, but move to Mac from Windows. I sent them the following options.

There is a "Winamp for Mac", but that has an interface similar to iTunes and not like Winamp. So, for a Winamp-like solution on Mac, there are various options:

1. Run virtualbox, run Windows inside virtualbox, run winamp in that window. Free software, but will take time to install windows, and will be slow.

2. Run Wine and Winamp on Wine. Free software, but takes hours to install, complicated installation.

3. Run CrossoverMac and Winamp using crossover. Software costs $16, we can download a 14 day trial, see if it works, and then pay if needed.

4. Installing WineBottler - and installing winamp inside it.

Apparently Winebottler 1.4 was already installed. Installing Winamp 5.5 inside it worked, but unfortunately drag and drop files into playlist was not working. Then they uninstalled Winebottler by simply dragging the app to trash, installed the latest version which was 1.7, installed Winamp 5.5 inside it, then it worked fine. 

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