Friday, September 19, 2014

using virtualdub frameserver for warping tool GL_warp2Avi

Finally found a workaround for the 2 GB and avi only input limitations of GL_warp2Avi using Virtualdub's frameserver and the Avifile client bundled with Virtualdub. (auxsetup.exe).

Earlier method with AVFS - which uses Pismo File Mount Audit package to mount - had limitations - GL_warp2Avi crashed with a 3.5 GB mp4 file used as directshowsource in avisynth avs file.

With the Virtualdub frameserver, just naming the signpost file with an avi extension was enough, after the Avifile client bundled with Virtualdub was installed. Tested with 20 minute pieces with no problems. 40,000+ frames.

But in the process, found a somewhat new issue - the menu items don't appear to be visible when the GL_warp2Avi window is moved to the secondary monitor. So at present I just run it from the primary monitor. Minimizing the window did not seem to have any ill effect. Re-sizing the window would cause the output video also to be re-sized, of course. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ubuntu servers needed manual ntp install

Our new servers at Dallas and Phoenix needed a manual install of the ntp daemon.

PB mentioned that
Found that the time diff between the servers was about a minute.
Did the following as suggested here

root:~# ntpdate

Then I suggested checking for ntp 

And PB did the install on both machines,
apt-get install ntp

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Google Webmaster Tools verification for a domain which has forwarding enabled

Our colleagues wanted Google Webmaster Tools verification for a domain which has forwarding enabled. The standard methods did not work - even the DNS TXT record method did not work since the DNS provider did not allow TXT records to be created for domains which have forwarding enabled. So, disabled forwarding, created the TXT record, and after the verification, enabled forwarding again.

We might have to do this whole process again - according to google, the verification code should remain on the server. But since we have put back the redirect, the TXT dns record has gone. So we shouldn't be surprised if google webmaster tools asks us for verification once again. 

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

batch processing on Adobe Audition

G and S had a query - how to run multiple processing steps using Adobe Audition's batch processing. Their version is probably CS6, on Mac. This page probably has the solution. First create a favorite by going to Favorites -> Start Recording Favorite and Stop Recording Favorite. Then choose that favorite in the batch processing drop-down.

repairing broken php on Ubuntu 14.04

M reported php redirects on our website were not working. Returning the php code instead. Found that php5 was not present in the mods-available folder.
apt-get install php5
reported that php5 was already installed. Our reinstall of apache after a purge had probably broken it. So, did
apt-get purge libapache2-mod-php5 libapache2-mod-php5filter  php5-cgi   php5-fpm php5
and then
apt-get install php5

That solved the problem.