Sunday, December 28, 2014

EZcast dongle - wireless display - display mirroring over wifi

I recently got an EZCast dongle, which can handle MiraCast, Apple AirPlay and DLNA as well as output from it's own EZCast app. Things to take care while using:

  • Make sure that the USB port powering the dongle can supply sufficient power. Or use a good quality USB charger. Low quality chargers may have electrical noise issues. 
  • First set up using the EZCast app - that is the easiest way to get things going. Using an Android phone, for eg, install the app, then connect to the EZCast dongle's wifi access point SSID displayed on the initial setup screen. After that, run the app, it scans for the EZCast device, and the setup is fairly self-explanatory after that.
  • EZMirror - display mirroring using Miracast - requires the device to support it. Many cheaper devices don't.
Using the Xiaomi Mi3 with EZCast with EZMirror mode was similar to the youtube video demonstrating the Mi2 - but the menu item is in Settings -> More -> Wi-Fi Display
When the EZCast is set up in EZMirror mode, once you go to Settings -> More -> Wi-Fi Display and Enable Wifi display, the EZCast device will be displayed below it, and can be selected to start the screen mirroring.

About the quality - the video quality degrades a bit compared to a direct wired HDMI connection, due to the re-encoding with H.264 and depending on the setup, resolution of the video may also be changed. There is also a bit of latency, 5 frames or so in the case of mirroring on my phone. 

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