Thursday, January 08, 2015

change iphone name

I was tasked with changing the name of an old iphone 3g, ios 4. iOS 5 and above allow direct editing from the phone's Settings -> About page. But for iOS 4, have to do it with iTunes.

Tried to avoid iTunes - my work laptop seems to be supplying less power, so the iPhone doesn't get detected with USB cable. Tried to do it via third-party apps like iFunBox, iSpirit with wifi sync etc - they did not seem to have the renaming phone option.

Tried to edit it via POSIX commands with an ssh shell - from

sysctl -w kern.hostname=NewName
Unfortunately the name did not remain on reboot. Checked some of the plist files, but could not find the appropriate place to edit. 

So, finally folded and used iTunes, USB cable to home laptop and edited. 

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