Saturday, January 10, 2015

first fraudulent credit card transaction

I had my first fraudulent credit card transaction yesterday. Got a notification sms that some 1300 rupees had been paid to NICOLEBURNS. Immediately called up HDFC credit card customer care, they said if it is not done by me or by my auxiliary card holder, then I should hotlist via HDFC netbanking, and fill up a form for disputing the transaction.

Hotlisting and getting a new card will cost me Rs. 100, it will take a week or two to arrive. The transaction will be investigated, and if I am found right it will be credited back in 45-90 days, that is what the person said. Today I got a mail from HDFC saying that the amount was only authorized and not yet settled, so I will be not charged that amount by the end of the billing cycle. 

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