Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Adobe Audition settings export

A wanted to export settings from Audition and import it on another machine. My reply was:

Here is the method for exporting and importing application settings from audition,

Choose File > Export > Application Settings. Then specify a filename and location.

To reapply the settings at a later time, choose File > Import > Application Settings.

For exporting presets, this forum post  :
gives detailed instuctions on how to find the presets folder.

Then this page says, how to export mixdowns, sessions etc

Choose File > Export > Session As Template to create multitrack templates that speed up recurring projects requiring similar settings, tasks, and source files. To apply a template to a new session, choose File > New > Multitrack Session, and then choose a Template option.

To archive whole sessions or move them to other systems along with markers, metadata, and source files, choose File > Export > Session. In the Export Session dialog box, customize exported source files by selecting Save Copies Of Associated Files, and clicking Options. To change file format, select Convert Files. To export full or trimmed source files, choose Media Options.

Choose File > Export > Mixdown, and review the Mixdown Options section. Click Change to output tracks as separate files, or simultaneously output mono, stereo, and 5.1 masters.

Monday, March 09, 2015

players on Android for radiosai streams

Adapted from a support email to a listener who complained that radiosai on a Lenovo tablet worked sometimes and did not work sometimes.

The various options are listed at
One way would be to try out the different apps listed there.

Unfortunately, we have found that various Android devices have various incompatibilities. Some players work on some devices while some don't. Apps like Tunein radio are very likely to work, since they have large installed bases.

Opera mobile browser plays our streams from the player linked from the home page radiosai.org when "Opera Turbo" is turned off. It does not seem to play the streams when Turbo is turned on. Chrome mobile browser plays too. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

fulldome clip - DNA flythrough

DNA FLY-THROUGH - A dramatic journey through the DNA double helix.

Key Stages 3-5, General audiences
Length: 1 min
Full preview: http://bit.ly/1tgKIGw
Available as: 1920px MOV
No User Agreement to complete.

From BFI,


free planetarium show - Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014

ASTRONOMY PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2014 - the Royal Observatory Greenwich proudly presents selected images of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2014 competition. Exhibited in glorious 360˚ and showcasing incredible images of the sky, you will marvel at spectacles from both within our Solar System and from distant deep space. More photographs than ever of solar features, eclipses, aurorae, nebulae, star trails and much more were received as entries from around the world this year - and for the first time, even a photograph taken from the edge of Space!

Astronomy / Music / Art
Length: 12 min
Full preview: http://bit.ly/apy2014
Available as: 1024, 1080, 1536,1920px MOV

From BFI,


free planetarium show - Astro photographer of the year 2013

ASTRO PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2013 - imagine sitting comfortably in a dark planetarium. You look up at the 360˚ screen and the room explodes with images of the Universe. The Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, run annually by the Royal Museums Greenwich, attracts the very best photographs of the Cosmos from around the world. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the heavens, enjoying the spectacle with ambient background music.

Astronomy / Music / Art
Length: 12 min
Full preview: http://bit.ly/apy2013
Available as: 1920px MOV

Distributed by BFI,


free planetarium show - Clockwork skies

Another Ott planetarium show from BFI,

CLOCKWORK SKIES - explore the motions of the stars, Sun, Moon and planets - are they moving or are we? Learn about daily motion and the Earth's rotation; the Moon's monthly orbit of our planet and how the Earth takes a full year to travel around the Sun. The Solar System is like a giant celestial clock powered by gravity.

Length: 5 min
KS 1 - KS2
Full preview: http://bit.ly/ott_cs
Available as: 1080 / 1536 / 2048px MOV

free planetarium show - Space Shapes

One of the Ott planetarium movies, rendered and distributed by BFI,
BFI logo

SPACE SHAPES - what's the difference between a sphere and a disc? A ball and a pancake? Lift off in a rocket and find out! Fly to the Moon and discover an 'orbit'. Visit the planets to see if they are round like a ball or round like a pancake. What about the Solar System, is it round like a pancake or round like a ball?

Length: 9 min
Reception & KS 1
Full preview: http://bit.ly/ott_ss
Available as: 1080 / 1536 / 2048px MOV

free planetarium show - solar system adventure

The BFI lists this show,
with a short intro and more info,

SOLAR SYSTEM ADVENTURE - embark on a 12-minute adventure to explore the planets, moons and countless other objects orbiting our nearest star the Sun. Make a quick stop at each of the planets to examine its makeup. Enjoy an unforgettable cruise through the rings of Saturn as you zig-zag past countless pieces of ice. Discover the mystery and beauty of our planetary neighbourhood in this fast-paced, informative film.

Length: 12 min
KS 2-5, general audiences
Full preview: http://bit.ly/bfi-ssa
Available as: 1600px MOV in English, French & Italian
User Agreement to complete.
For your copy contact: free_int@bfi.gb.com

Short link to this page: http://bit.ly/bfi_ssa

BFI logo and link,  currently it goes to their facebook page,

link farming for bfi

The British Fulldome Institute has a very useful feature - not only do they list free shows, but they distribute them too! But they request a link for every show. So, the next few posts are going to be about each planetarium show I requested, and with a link to BFI!