Thursday, June 25, 2015

problems with Unicode fonts on QuickTime7 for Windows

Working with the eplanetarium team for Indian language subtitles, we ran into a road-block - the workaround seems to be only burnt-in subtitles.

The issue seems to be that QT7 on Windows - and MediaShow, which runs on QT - does not support Unicode for subtitles. Excerpts from my emails below:

... I tried this technique given here,

Unfortunately, the Hindi option does not even appear ... The reason seems to be that only ISCII Hindi (Devanagari script) is supported and not Unicode Devanagari, as seen in the code conversion tables. So, it may not be possible to display the Unicode Hindi characters using the current subtitling tool and playback tool combination on Windows. Unicode capable playback tools seem to be able to display, like KMPlayer ... One caveat for Indian languages is that many operating systems have limited support for complex scripts. We may have to check if your subtitle creation software as well as the subtitle display software have proper Indic support. If not, the script would be jumbled. ....

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