Sunday, November 29, 2015

sftp changes in batch mode

We have been using sftp in our scripts for uploads to servers etc and had configured automated emails listing the names of files uploaded. After a server upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04, the sftp emails did not display the filenames. After poking around a bit with -v etc, P found the solution:
Modified the scripts from
sftp -b  /path/to/putaudiofilesdl 2>&1 |tee -a $MAIL_FILE
script -q -c 'sftp -b  /path/to/putaudiofilesdl' |tee -a $MAIL_FILE
and later
cat $MAIL_FILE |tr '\r' '\n'| grep -v 'ETA' | grep -v 'sftp>' | grep -v 'Progress meter enabled' | sed -e /^$/d | sed 's/\/path\/backwards\/of file\///g' | sed 's/100%.*$//g' > /path/tmp/test.txt

and in the file putaudiofilesdl, adde the keyword
before the put command, to enable the progress meter. 

This needs the terminal window to be wide enough to contain both the filename and the progress meter, or else the filename gets truncated. So I modified my Putty saved session - changed number of columns under the Window setting to 180. Then when the script is run with screen, the emails are as desired, with the filenames. 

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