Tuesday, June 14, 2016

cloning laptop hard disk

My laptop hard disk started showing SMART errors with Crystal Disk Info. Got a new Seagate 1 TB SSHD for replacement. Macrium Reflect Free could not clone - the bad sectors made it abort. Clonezilla did the job in around 4 hours for the 160 GB hard disk with three partitions, using an external USB dock for the new hard disk.

But the cloned hard disk did not boot. Booted with Windows XP install DVD, went into recovery console and did fixmbr. Then XP booted, but showed only C and D drives. Since in any case I would need to copy files from E:, might as well increase the size of C: by deleting D:. Used Partition Wizard for increasing C: size, created D: and E: as fresh partitions, and left free space for Linux. RichCopy copied over the D: and E: contents, ignoring errors, in just about 90 minutes. Now most apps work as expected, except some which complain about path not found - maybe they look for My Documents in C:.

Later, installed Kubuntu 16.04 on a trial basis, using mini.iso and a network install - the process took around 90 minutes.

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